Goose Lake

GLWD Commissioners Special Meeting 2020/04/25

Goose Lake Watershed District Commissioners Special Meeting 4 PM Saturday, April 25, 2020 via phone & video conference Meeting ID: 778 6134 6739 / Password: 020340 +1 301 715 8592 US MINUTES

I. CALL TO ORDER – Jeff Spitzer Resnick CTO 4:20 P.M.
OPEN MEETING COMPLIANCE – Posted in 2 places by Onie Karch and emailed to Bill Fitzgerald, Scott Pease

CC: Nick Homan, Fred Mess, John & Janet Melamed, KIM TIMPEL, Claire Billing, Chris Billing, Kent Kunz, clkunz, Scott Provost

  1. ROLL CALL – Jeff Spitzer Resnick, Bill Fitgerald, Don Homan, Onie Karch and Scott Pease. Guests Scott Provost (WDNR), Chris & Claire Billing, John Melamed, Dan & Kim Timple and Fred Mess
  2. AGENDA APPROVAL – Motion to approve Don Homan, 2nd OnieKarch, approved unanimous
  3. MINUTESAPPROVAL-MotiontoapproveOnieKarch,2ndBillFitzgerald,approvedunanimous
  4. TREASURER’S REPORT – Motion to approve Don Homan, 2nd OnieKarch, approved unanimous

a) Approve expenditures over $500.00, discuss possible future expenditure(s) and notify treasurer of upcoming expenditures of any amount. – None

Discussion on high water/flooding mitigation-Special guest Scott Provost – Chris Billing provided additions to their letter (see attached) suggesting resolutions regarding water encroachment on their building/residence siting costs, perhaps $200 to 250K.

Commissioner Don Homan pointed out that length of drainage @ 900” did not seem correct, according to google map info a distance of ~1,560 feet was more probable.

Guest Scott Provost from WDNR understands idea and does not see direct opposition preventing exploration. He is not the expert to answer the final permissions, another WDNR individual(s) and/or expert(s) to ultimately seek permission from.

  1. b)  Discussion on change in plans from buying land and building a weed harvester storage and maintenance facility to renting and renovating a building for the same purpose (note: no vote will be taken as the GLWD has decided this will require an in-person Special Meeting) – For discussion at subsequent meeting(s)
  2. c)  Report on weed harvesting permit application – Fred has secured one year permit.
  3. d)  Report on aerator turnoff – Tuned off by Jeff Spitzer Resnick
  4. e)  Discuss Goose Lake spring condition – All appears god with water level static.
  5. f)  Any other new business – None


  1. a)  Review Annual Duty Schedule for action items and additions – None
  2. b)  Review GOAL/ACTION item(s) from management plan, prioritize and set schedule as needed – None
  3. c)  Any other old business – None

IX. OPEN FORUM FOR PUBLIC INPUT followed by adjournment Motion by Don Homan, 2nd Onie Karch,5:53P.M