Goose Lake

GLWD Commissioners Meeting 2020/03/08

Goose Lake Watershed District Commissioners Meeting
Town of Jackson Hall 398 State Road 82, Oxford, WI 53952 5 PM Sunday, March 8, 2020 MINUTES

  1. CALL TO ORDER – CTO Jeff Spitzer Resnick 5:00 P.M.
  2. OPEN MEETING COMPLIANCE – Posted in 3 places by Onie Karch
  3. ROLL CALL – Present Jeff. Onie, Don, Scott, Bill Fitzgerald
  4. AGENDA APPROVAL – Approve Onie Karch, 2nd Don Homan, approved unanimous
  5. MINUTES APPROVAL – Approve Scott Pease 2nd Onie Karch, approved unanimous
  6. TREASURER’S REPORT – Approve Scott Pease, 2nd Onie Karch, approved unanimous
    1. a)  Approve expenditures over $500.00, discuss possible future expenditure(s) and notify treasurer of upcoming expenditures of any amount. – None
    2. b)  Review bids and discuss possible decision re: maintenance and storage facility site – Bid considered satisfactory by the board of commissioners to go to open meeting open to all residents. Explore additions to lease. Check build out approval with landowner and present possible lease parameter changes. Follow through with heating needs parameters and costs.
    3. c)  Report on weed harvesting permit application – Fred is working on new permit.
    4. d)  Report on aerator function – All appears OK
    5. e)  Discuss Goose Lake winter condition – All appears OK
    6. f)  Any other new business – See attached questions from Bill Fitzgerald.


  1. a)  Review Annual Duty Schedule for action items and additions – None
  2. b)  Review GOAL/ACTION item(s) from management plan, prioritize and set schedule as needed – None
  3. c)  Any other old business – None
  1. SET NEXT MEETING DATE – April 25th 4.00 P.M. Special Open to all constituents
  2. OPEN FORUM FOR PUBLIC INPUT followed by adjournment Adjourn motion by Onie Karch, 2nd Bill Figerald,adjourn 5:50 P.M.