Goose Lake

GLWD Meeting Minutes 2021/05/02

Goose Lake Watershed District Meeting May 2nd, 2021


  1. Call To Order – Jeff Spitzer Resnick 5:06pm
  2. Open Meeting Compliance – Posted in 2 places by Onie and shared on website by Jim
  3. Roll Call – Jeff Spitzer Resnick, Onie Karch, Fred Mess, Kim Tempel, Chuck Quick
  4. Agenda Approval – Motion to Approve Chuck Quick, 2nd Onie Karch,approved unanimous
  5. Minutes Approval – Minutes were not approved due to Don Homan’s healthrelated absence, Jeff noted a request for meeting minutes from a constituent. We don’t have a published copy available to the public. Those notes have been provided for publishing on the website.
  6. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer’s Report not available due to Royal Bank login issues, to be sent the week following the meeting.
  7. Open Issues
    1. Approveexpendituresover$500.00,discusspossiblefutureexpenditure(s)andnotify the treasurer of upcoming expenditures of any amount. – None
    2. Update on Storage Building – Don had been working on putting the shed outto bid. Nick may have a status update and Onie was going to check withDon’s family.
    3. Adams Cty. water accumulation resolution proposal – Chuck was going to seeabout getting on this committee to see what direction this proposal isheaded.
    4. Placement of pier into lake – Jeff to follow-up with Nick about getting the pierin the water. Discussion about storage at the pier being less than desirable.Onie offered to help with the tractor if available.
    5. Discuss weed harvesting plans – Fred will get in touch with John. Fredexpressed some personal issues going on with him.
    6. Discuss Goose Lake spring condition – Jeff saw a huge Snapping Turtle underthe water from his kayak. Chuck reported a lot of fishermen. Bald eagleshave been spotted fishing in the lake.g. Setnextmeetingdateandtime-OnieproposedmeetinginpersonatJackson Town Hall. Chuck added that in-person meetings offer easier communication. Jim reported he would have participated more often prior to moving here full-time if the meetings were also made available via Zoom. Jeff shared the concern of a lack of a statewide Mask mandate. Onie

reported that the town hall has its own masks required sign and seating is

limited to encourage social distancing. h. Anyothernewbusiness-None

  1. Old Business: – None
  2. Open Forum for Public Input followed by adjournment – Motion to adjourn OnieKarch, 2nd Chuck Quick, adjourned 5:49pm