Goose Lake

GLWD Commissioners Meeting Minutes 2021/01/10

January 10th, 2021 at 5pm via phone and video conference.

  1. 1.    Call To Order – CTO 5:07 P.M. by Jeff Spitzer-Resnick
  2. Open Meeting Compliance _ Posted @ Bank in Oxford Goose Lake Public Beach and Website
  3. Roll Call –  Present Jeff Spitzer-Resnick, Jim Remsik, Don Homan, Onie Karch Chuck Quick
  4. Agenda Approval – Motion to approve agenda by Onie Karch 2nd Don Homan, approved unanimous
  5. Minutes Approval – Motion to approve minutes reflecting the November 15, 2020 meeting byChuck Quick, 2nd Onie Karch, approved unanimous
  6. Treasurer’s Report – Motion to approve treasures report as presented by Jim Remsik, Don Homan, 2ndOnie Karch, approved unanimous
  • Open Issues
    • Approve expenditures over $500.00, discuss possible future expenditure(s) and notify treasurer of upcoming expenditures of any amount. – NONE
  • Status of purchase of land from Town of Jackson – Kravickreal Estate Service waived  fees regerding the purchase of  land from Town of Jackson. Fees for attorny services were $175.00
  • Development bid for weed harvester storage and maintenance building construction – Option five (5)  is the boards  choice of configuration to be persued dismissing installation of lavatory facility and septic/well infrastructure, only stub out for futhur possibility.
  • Discussion of phishing attempt and internet security – Mixed  contact , several of us did’nt receive anything yet others did. Concensus is all should be vigilant.
  • Discuss Goose Lake winter condition= Ice is very clear, ice fishing is prolificand beaver dam is submerged.
    • Set next meeting date and time – Feb 21, 5 P.M.
    • Any other new business
  • Old Business: Discussion and Possible Action
    • Review Annual Duty Schedule for action items and additions Jim needs copy of managemen plan.
    • Review GOAL/ACTION item(s) from management plan, prioritize and set schedule as needed – NONE
  • Open Forum for Public Input followed by adjournment Adjourn motion 5:56 by Chuck Quick, 2nd Onie Karch, approved unanimous