Goose Lake

Please Attend our Annual Meeting

We hope you can join us for our Annual Meeting on September 5th, at 1 PM, during which we will share a lot of important information about the health of our lake and make important decisions about our lake’s future. Since we had our largest turnout ever last year when we held it outdoors under a tent during Labor Day weekend, we are doing the same this year and hope for at least as big a turnout!

As always, we will vote on the proposed budget (attached), and for one of our commissioner seats. The complete agenda with location information is also attached. If you cannot attend the meeting, although you will not be able to vote, you can certainly contact one of our commissioners or committee chairs, whose contact information can be found on our website at:

Clarifying Emergency No-Wake Zone

By now, everyone should be aware that we previously established a temporary full time no- wake zone on Goose Lake due to the flooded conditions, to preserve shoreline and protect shoreline properties. Although the lake is still very high, such that we still do not have a beach, it has dropped about a foot this year to the point just below where we established the temporary no- wake zone.

As a result, the commissioners voted to return the no-wake zone to its former state, which allows boats and other watercraft to create a wake from 11 AM-5:30 PM. Since we do not know whether the lake will return to dangerous flooded conditions, we set a level over which we will return the lake to the temporary full time no-wake restriction, if the lake rises above that level again. Due to possible changing conditions, please obey the no wake restrictions as posted at the boat landing and on our website:

Invasive Species

You may have noticed our weed harvesting volunteers working overtime this year. Thanks John Melamed and Dan Timpel for all your hard work! They had to work extra hard because unfortunately, we now have a proliferation of Eurasian Milfoil, an invasive species.

If we leave it unchecked, it will take over and potentially choke off the over 30 other native water plants in our lake. We had the DNR come out and survey the lake, and we will discuss our options for controlling the Eurasian Milfoil at our Annual Meeting. You can learn more about this on our website in the Invasive Species article at:

Being Good Neighbors

While our authority is limited to the health of our lake, from time to time, residents approach us about problems such as theft, messes left in yards, barking dogs, late night fireworks, and other unwelcome behavior. Please remember that sound travels far in our neighborhood, and we all want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. If someone is not being a good neighbor and will not respond to neighborly requests, you may call the Adams County Sheriff’s Department for assistance at 911 for emergencies.

Non-Emergencies should be reported by calling (608) 339-3304 or 1-877-885-9977.

Volunteers Needed!

We always need volunteers to help with keeping our lake clean and healthy. You can sign up on our website at: