Goose Lake

Annual Meeting September 2nd @ 10:30AM

Please Attend our Annual Meeting!

We hope you can join us for our Annual Meeting on September 2nd, at 10:00AM, during which we will share a lot of important information about the health of our lake. We will meet in the same location as we have the past two years. As always, we will vote on the proposed budget (attached), and for one of our commissioner seats (Treasurer). Our current Treasurer, Jim Remsik, is not running for re-election. We thank him for his invaluable service during the past 3 years. Please let us know if you are interested in filling this role by putting your name up for nomination at the Annual meeting. Jim is willing to train and support our new Treasurer. The complete agenda with location information is also attached. If you cannot attend the meeting, although you will not be able to vote, you can certainly contact one of our commissioners or committee chairs, whose contact information can be found on our website at:

Water Ski/Tubing safety & Boating Rights of Way
Wake Hours are: 11:00am – 5:30pm

  • No more than 2 boats pulling skiers/tubers should be in motion at one time. Take turns if it is crowded.
  • All boats pulling skiers/tubers should take counterclockwise loops around the oval around the main portion of the lake. Stay well away from the swimming area. Keep at least 50 feet from any other boaters.
  • State law requires a spotter in the boat in addition to the boat driver, unless the boat has a wide-angle rear-view mirror which allows the driver to always have a clear view of the skier. (The rear view mirror exception was added to the statute in 2022).The spotter should always be watching the skier or tuber.
  • All skiers/tubers should wear approved water ski vests.
  • When skier/tuber falls, return immediately to that skier/tuber. Floating skiers /tubers are difficult to see by other boaters. When returning to skier, it is wise to keep the floating skier on the driver’s side of the boat, so the driver’s vision of the floating person is never obscured. When retrieving a skier/tuber from the water, always turn off the engine.
  • A fallen skier/tuber should always signal with a wave that he/she is OK. If no signal is given, the driver should assume that he/she may be injured or in need of immediate assistance.
  • Sailboats have right of way over all other boats on the lake. Motorboats must give way to any non-motorized boat.
  • Stay safe, use common sense, be courteous to other boaters, and have a great time!

Invasive Species
Purple Loosestrife has been spotted

If you notice this plant on your property or around Goose Lake please notify a GLWD board member. If possible, remove it, it is important to try and dig up all root fragments, or else the plant will continue to grow. Any plants should be burned or sent to the landfill.

Hosting Short-term Rentals

Embracing the role of an Airbnb host can be an exciting journey and a reasonable way to make some money. Here’s a quick guide on being a friendly and considerate neighbor while Airbnb-ing.

First and foremost, share your plans with your neighbors. Let them know you’ll be hosting guests and give them your contact info in case any concerns arise. It’s all about maintaining a good neighborly relationship through open and honest communication.

Settle the sound scores by establishing ‘quiet hours’ for your guests. It’s an easy way to respect the peace and quiet of your neighborhood. Steer clear of hosting events that could cause a ruckus.

Properly vetting your guests is a non-negotiable. Airbnb’s guest requirements and review system are great tools to ensure your guests will respect your home and the neighborhood.

A house manual highlighting local norms can be a huge help to guests unfamiliar with how things usually run around here. This not only helps guests but shows your neighbors you’re mindful of them.

Lastly, always handle any issues or complaints from your neighbors promptly and with understanding. Show that you value their comfort as much as your guests’.

Being a considerate Airbnb host to your neighbors is all about striking the right balance. It takes a little effort, but it’s a sure way to create a win-win situation for you, your guests, and our neighborhood.

Being Good Neighbors

While our authority is limited to the health of our lake, from time to time, residents approach us about problems such as theft, messes left in yards, barking dogs, late night fireworks, and other unwelcome behavior. Please remember that sound travels far in our neighborhood, and we all want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. If someone is not being a good neighbor and will not respond to neighborly requests, you may call the Adams County Sheriff’s Department for assistance at 911 for emergencies. Non-Emergencies should be reported by calling (608)339-3304 or 1-877-885-9977.

Volunteers Needed!

We always need volunteers to help with keeping our lake clean and healthy. You can sign up on our website at: