Goose Lake

2020 Property Tax Bills

Owners have started receiving their property tax bills and there has been some confusion around charges and/or labels.

At the 2020 Annual Meeting the topic of what actions to take with regard to ongoing high water issues was debated at length. By the end of the meeting a vote was held and agreed to a implement a Special Charge in the amount of $5,000 to fund research and possibly action to address the issue.

Riparian, or waterfront, owners have had a regular fee on their property tax bill of $35.00/year.

You may see a Goose Lake Non-Ripari(an) item on your tax bill. This is the Special Charge as voted and agreed to at the Annual Meeting.

To calculate that amount we received the current property values for all properties in Goose Lake Watershed District from Adams County and used those values times the assessed value to determine the amount each owner owed towards the $5,000.

The Non-Riparian label is meant to indicate the charge is not specific to Riparian owners. This is modeled after what other Districts in the area have done.

If you have questions please contact Treasurer Jim Remsik or another member of the board.